Considering establishing a manufacturing facility or unit? To handle the flow of your cargo, whether you are constructing a manufacturing facility, mining, or drilling the soil, you must hire a logistics transportation service. The services include managing freight logistics, handling goods, and transporting cargo from the point of origin to the destination site.

  • The delivery time must coincide with your project timeline; this is the most crucial aspect of logistic service. To ensure that everything keeps to your timeline, we work closely with your purchase team. After purchase orders are obtained, our project cargo handling process gets started. It involves transporting merchandise of all shapes and sizes from all over the world to your ultimate site location.
  • Our depth of expertise in this field enables us to create a complete plan that considers all aspect of the project, from site assessments and route permissions to freight evaluation and carrier selection. For our clients, this means significant time and financial savings.
  • We provide specialised heavy lifts, low bed trailers, and the tools needed to secure over-dimensional items moving over the road. Over Dimensional Cargo Transportation is always handled completely and carefully, taking into account project schedules as well as other relevant factors and options.