We are able to plan and offer a full variety of services for expedited air delivery of urgent, priceless, fragile, or any other commodities.

  • In the light of specific aspects of the performed task, particular attention is paid on the control over the whereabouts of cargo, activities on its prompt delivery, including the fast modifications of route and other conditions of transportation in case of intervention of external factors: weather conditions, actions of third parties, etc. Reporting is another crucial aspect of transportation. We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, particularly those pertaining to shipping and forwarding activities. However, in many cases, the preparation of the necessary report documents—including forwarder orders, forwarding receipts, consignment notes, airway bills, warehouse receipts, and accounting documents—takes longer than the actual transportation.
  • Iapetus Shipping offers to use our service for international package deliveries. Even the most discerning customers will be pleased with our prices and level of service.